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when she vanished, kidnapped on her way to school 18 years ago. she has been reunited with her family at the age of 29. another chapter in this investigation is just beginning. south a chapter in the kennedy legacy comta close. we'll be live in boston and at arlington national cemetery. >> tucker balkans will have an update on danny. let's take a look at the u.s. capitol and show hua it looks like outside this morning. the sun will be up later this hour but right now, kind of a hazy 76 degrees. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in. what does fall officially begin? >> for us in the weather department, it starts september 1st but otherwise, the third week of september. >> it is going to feel like fall starting next week.
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we won't dwell on danny too much. but danny's maximum winds now 40 miles per hour. not looking very impressive. kind of fizzling out here. that is good news for us. we have other weather to ta about. the weather service has just issued a flash flood watch for the district and surrounding counties. this goes into effect at 2:00 and continues through this evening. the concern is we could see heavy rainers later today in the form of thunderstorms. at potential is outs there for a couple of thunderstorms in you get caught those big thunde earlier, overnight, parts of baltimore up towards harper county. they picked up six inches of rain some some spots and one or ret. roblemshe we've got a flash flood watchtht atth goes into effect at 2:00 this afternoon atfothose counties in green. let's push on and show you the satellite-radar. again, some showers out there ho this hour particularly aross the bay. we thunderstorm now bi now mto pushing in towards st. michael's and easton and the rest of the area waking up with just cloud cover and a lot of
6:03 am
humidity. notice that the flow there, south to north, a lot of shows off to the north. those will move in here later today. temperatures are mild. 76 at reagan national. the huge is up. that is a one-two combination. 85%, wind out of the north and east at nine miles per hour. for the most part, clouds to start the day and the rain showers and thunderstorms will move in this afternoon and some of those could be heavy rainers later today. high temperature only about 82. >> the morning commute is okay. >> the afternoon commute should be fine. afternoon commute, we'll have some rain. details on the weekend forecast coming up. >> morning commute as far as the weather. let's find out how it is in general from julie wright. >> it is busy right now. we have a lot to talk about. if you are traveling in maryla, we have the crash on the ramp from southbound 95 college park to the exit for the inner loop of the beltway. they just clear that over to the shoulder. outer loop of the beltway started off with a wreck at the bw parkway. that is out of your yea. southbound 270 in the clear.
6:04 am
no incidents to report but a slow go there. we have at crash georgia avenue at brookville road for you guys coming southbound now. the road is shut down in each direction with trees and wires down aross the highway. they are using the combination of boardly and brightendam as the alternate to work your way around there. northbound i-95, a little heavy early this morning out of springfield. earlier accident which occurred north of duke street has finally cleared so lanes are open once again. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to our big story this morning. it is the ending that you hope for but you rarely hear about. jaycee lee dugard was kidnapped in 1991. her stepfather says he had given up hope of finding her alive. he watched as a couple abducted her. of his on a bicycle and
6:05 am
couldn't catch up with them. the abduction led to the stepfather's separation from jaycee's mother. jaceee remained in california for 18 years living in the backyard of her kidnapper's home. she is now the mother of two children fathered by one of her alleged abductors. >> the search of residence revealed a hidden backyard within a backyard. the hidden backyard had sheds, tents and outbuildings with the shrubbery and trees, you can't see the structures. they were kept in complete isolation in this compound if you will. none of the children have ever gone to school. they've never been to a doctor. >> philip garrido and hi wife nancy are both in jail now. jaycee's two daughters are now 11 and 15 years old. this case broke on tuesday when garrido wanted to pass out religious flyers with the two girls. campus police found out he was
6:06 am
a convicted sex offender. he had to report to the parole officer. he showed up with jaycee and the children. the farewell to senator ted kennedy continues today. he pass wade tuesday from brain cancer at the age of 77. >> the senator's body is lying in repose for i second day at the jfk presidential library in boston. the doors will be back open at 8:00 this morning to welcome more mourners. an estimate 21,000 people from all around the world stood in line to pay their respects. library hours werextend until 2:00 this morning to accommodate the crowds. >> crowds lined the street for the motorcade. it will be taken to our lady of perpetual help for the funeral. president obama will deliver the youth. >> senator kennedy's private burrial is expected to take place early tomorrow evening at arlington national cemetery. there will be a 21--began
6:07 am
salute with pallbearers representing each branch of the military. the flag will be presented to the family. let's takef a look at the other top stories. a 17-year-old bicyclist in critical condition after he was struck by a car. this happened just after midnight on route 108 near lark brown road in columbia. howard county police have charged the driver of the car with dui and possession of hair win. a deadly stabbing in northwest d.c. may have been a hate crime. somebody stabbed two transgendered women on q street earlier this week. winnipegs say the attacker is a man in his early 30s. they say they saw him running from the scene. >> i don't like it. he was my child. he was born just like everyone else. >> we are too often reminded
6:08 am
that even our basic right to life without hate and threat of violence and even death is in constant yep did i. >> the other victim's name is not being released because she is considered a witness. a united airlines worker at dulles airport has been charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from passengers over the last five years. asking on a tip from the airline, police seized cell phone, cameras, laptop computers an jewelry from the herndon home of 58-year-old maria ramirez rodriguez. she worked at the lost and found office near baggage claim. united has suspended her without pay. still ahead, the megamillions jackpot is climbing close to i record. >> how good are your chances of winning? we'll tax a closer look at that. also ahead, it was four year ago today that hurrice katrina hit the louisiana coast. we have an update on recovery efforts there.   spar
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nasa will try again tonight to launch the space shuttle discovery. liftoff is set for one minute before midnight. nasa had hoped for a morning launch but had to put that off to look that a fuel valve problem that delayed the second launch attempt. the mission to the international space station is scheduled to last nearly two weeks. president oma will have some down time at camp david next week ming he and the first family have been staying at martha's vineyard since sunday. no public appearances were planned but big events in the news including the death of senator ted kennedy changed all that. the president will deliver the eulogy at senator kennedy's funeral in boston tomorrow. four years ago tomorrow, hurricane katrina hit the louisiana coast. storm claimed more than 1600 lives in lieu law and mississippi and the region continues to rebuild. now, four years later. katrina left behind more than $40 billion in property damage, boarded-up homes and overground grown lots are still a common sight. because of all the rebuilding under way the economy in the
6:13 am
region is now among the healthiest in the country. we're watching the weather this morning because tropil storm danny is creeping uncomfortably close to the east coast right now and tucker has an update on that. >> by this time tomorrow, somebody could be a whole lot richer. megamill i don't understand jackpot closing in on a record jackpot. we'll tell you how much it is. it is now 6:12. yelp me build a sand castle?
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we are back at 6:15 now and the megamillion jackpot is $325 million. this is the third largest in its history. can you get your tickets in maryland and virginia and the next drawing is tonight. >> the jackpot by the way comes out to either a lump sum of more than $204 million or payments of $12.5 million for 2 years. that is before uncle sam takes his huge cut. now, for i look at the odds. your chances of winning one in 176 llion. the chances of the earth getting hit by an asteroid according to nasa back in 2002 was around one in 200,000 we
6:17 am
talked with them about that. and good luck with the asteroids. >> could you spent all that money? could you do the mike tyson and spend it all? >> i don't think so either. >> it would be fun to try. >> leave it for your children and grandchildren and great- firsthand children. >> if you found enough bad investments and have you awe payroll of 1,000 of your friends you can probably go through it. >> i think ill atry it. >> add me to your payroll. >> you guys are both involved. let's get sd taterwith ldatera hdr radar. we have a lot to talk about. we have the poential if flooding here. ve rain and the weekend. you get the idea here. hd radar, here in washington, okay at this hour. we've just had a couple of spotty showers on the north side of the beltway. you can see post of the area here dry. one exception continues to be across the bay pushing east of annapolis down -- just across the bay here and pushing down towards st. michael's and easton.
6:18 am
you can see it there on 50. it has been dropping rain more than an inch an hour. up to the north, we have a few leftover rain showers some westminster and gerstown too. the main event will be later today. let's move on to the map. that is because before awe lot of tropical moisture. here we are in washington waking up with clouds and a left humidity. off to the south and west, we'll tap into some of that moisture later today. we'll have showers and thunderstorms return later today. not going to beraining all day. i think we'll stand a good chance we'll see some showers and thunderstorms and some of them could be strong. because some of them could be strong, the national weather service has just issued about 15 minutes ago a flash flood watch for counties if fwren. that includes the district and baltimore from 2 dlk this afternoon through this evening until the rain stops. and again, the potential is we could get some strong storms if we dump one, two inchs of rain an hour. we have to look out if that later today and the rail fr flash flooding out there as we
6:19 am
get into the late afternoon an evening hrs. we are warm an humid. afternoon highs later today in the low 80s. about 10-degree cooler with all the cloud cover out there. let's move onto danny. another weather feature to talk about. the center of circulation is over here and all the convection is off to the north and east. so this is really not impressive system. nevertheless, the hurricane center has issued a tropical storm watch from cape lookout to duck along the outer banks there in carolina. it look lick it will breeze up just off the ast tomorrow. it could bring some storm surge and the potential for gusty wind along the beaches from the carolinas up towards southern new england during day tomorrow into sunday. we'll continue it watch that one for you as well. for us, mostly cloud you skies today. showers and thunderstorms will be likely by late this afternoon. humid as well. high temperatures about 8 # degrees. win out of the east at five miles per hour. -- high temperatures about 82
6:20 am
degrees. we will have showers and thunderstorms rehawning in the forecast for part of the day on saturday. much cooler and trier. if you don't like humidity, you like cool weather, wait until monday and tuesday. highs in upper 70s, lows near # 0 at night. that will be nice. lets aget to on-time traffic and julie wright. she is loving that five-day forecast. >> 1r0 >> 60s at night. i need to pull out the scarf and gloves. we are tealing with an accident on westbound i-70 after the exit for brad to go heights at mile marker 47. before a crash involving a truck that has a ruptured saddle tank so it is now a hazmat situation. we also hear hat truck is loaded with clothes so it has to be off-loaded once they mop this will be with us for a while westbound i-70 after the exit for braddock heights. the at national is to stick
6:21 am
with -- the alternate is to stick with 40. southbound 270 in the cheer. no incidents to report out of germantown headed for the lane divide. crash that was on the ramp from southbound 95 to the exit for the upper loop has cleared in maryland. this is the live shot of 66 eastbound already slow between 50 and 13 with the slow exit tonight beltway after nutley street to merge onto 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. our business beat is coming up next. we'll tell you why one of the most annong telemarketing tactics is about to come to an end. >> it is the skinniest house in new york city and it is going for a fat price. the home in the west village just nine and a half feet wide but the asking price, $2.75 million. it was built in the 1800s on what used to be a carriage path between two other buildings.
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let's take a look at the markets. for that, we turn to robert gray with fox business network. about lunchtime, thought maybe we would take a break from the winning streak but the markets rallied once again. what are we looking for again today? >> don't count the bulls out just yet. eight straight gains for the dow industrials. longest streak since april 2007. if we were to close higher today, it would bthe longest since 1996. keep an eye on some dell and j. crew a couple of stocks to watch today. both beatinexpectations. we have a couple of key economic reports, one on con summer sentiment at 10:00 and in just about two hours, look
6:26 am
for one on personal income and spending. >> let's talk about the telemarketing calls. wave bn down this road before. now we are focused on the automated calls and the f tc getting involved. >> those are annoying. you hear the jazz music in the beginning. you know what is coming next before you hang up sometimes. these ought mated calls are going to stop on september 1st. there will be a $16,000 fine if anyoneis called violating this -- a lot of the telemarketers were given a heads up and sort of were anticipating it. they need your written permission, good luck with that, to continued these. it won't stop them all. the politicians, charities, insurance companies, surveys and some health care messages will still be able to come through, even prerecorded versions. but as far as the telemarketing goes, they have to go back to getting humans on the phone. >> that might be good news to get our weekend started. ch nk yu musoo . ve a great weekend.
6:27 am
>> absolutely. >> coming up, abducted on her way to school when shewas just 11 years old. now, 18 years later, she is reunited with her family. an incredible ending but a bizarre story. another chapter in this case begins. we are back out live at arlington national cemetery where senator ted kennedy will be row. ww. we'll have a live report coming up from children right after the break. we [ engine revving ] [ engine powers down ]
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it is the weekend almost and tucker says we have some activity going on out there for the weekend. could be unsettled? >> unsettle is a good word for it. by sunday, we'll get a lot nicer with sunshine. next couple of days, it will be a little bumpy along the way. we have a flood watch that goes into effect at 2:00 in washington. ll show you the satellite- radar and you will see why the weather serve asw concerned bout flooding. we had flooding overnight. rdt here our rorth. nty,ou hatf rdyr county, parts of that region picked up six inches of rain. the concern is sioux see e ith ut and st o wnnt ido western and portions of west virginia there bat we have some wiailln. athe moviill be moving our direction tengr today. a very tropical air mass. notice the humidity out there. that is a combination very conducive to plentiful rain. so bottom line is bring along an umbrella and july julie will tell you in a minute pack your patience if you are headed out
6:31 am
the door. there zoo be some strong thunderstorms out there -- there could be some strong thunderstorms out there. humidity, 85%. winds out of the north and east at nine miles per hour. here is a look at the forecast for today. i'll sophia ill-- i'll show you the floodwatch in just a moment. some of us will stay dry. some will see some very heavy thunderstorms. it is one of those days where you have to be concerned about the potential for a thunderstorm dropping one, two inches of rain in a matter of 45 minutes or an hour. >> is that rare to have it issued before it starts raining. >> we are looking at the potential. some of the areas are saturated from yesterday because just because it didn't rain heavily at your house doesn't mean it won't later today. we are concerned we could get some runoff on the roadways. >> julie usually always says grab that cup of joe go. >> you're using all of my catch phrases. >> we know you. >> i have to come up. my favorite is still the double nickel which i don't think
6:32 am
anybody is doing right now. interstate pretty much packed as you travel in to work this morning. you have to keep an eye out for the bus stops and the kids there. it is the first week of school for a lot of those little ones. top stretch of of the beltway not so bad. southbound 29 fair it is land and musgrove, we have problems with the signal lights. northbound four at woodyard road, stalled car blocking the right shoulder lane inform virginia, still trying to recover from the earlier wreck north of duke street. this is a live shot headed from the beltway trying to make your way past landmark and up towards seminary road. all of your lanes are open. 66 is stacking up between 60 and 123. westbound i-07 after braddock heights, mile marker 47, got a crash there. tanker truck involved in this one with a bus an saddle tank.
6:33 am
they are mopping up fuel and they say they have to offload the contents of that truck before they can move that thing out of your way. westbound i-70 shut down. better bet is to stick with alternate 40. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story is really an incredible one. a little girl abducted at the age of 11 and now she has been found alive. jaycee dugard is now 9 years old and has two children and her kidnapper is their father. details about her survival story. >> reporter: it is a case of kidnapping rape and conspiracy that goes back 18 years. jaycee during arrested was 11 years old in 1991 when strangers kidnapped her from outside her parents' california home. >> no connection to the family. they literally snatched her off the streets. >> she resurfaced earlier this week as police investigated a strange man seen near the university of california berkeley. >> they were looking for access
6:34 am
to the campus. they wanted to hand out literature and have some kind of a vice president use to talk approximate in public. >> that man was identified ads philip garrido. background checks revealed a sex offense. >> he brought along with him two minors as well as nancy garrido and alyssa. >> alyssa turned out to be jaycee. >> a search of the resident revealed a hidden backyard within a backyard. the hidden backyard had sheds, tents and outbuildings with the shrubbery and trees, you can't see the structures. they were colt in complete isolation. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't see in. dugard and the children were seclded in the backyard. >> none of the children had ever gone to school or been to a doctor. >> reporter: philip garrido and his wife nancy are being held for kidnapping and conspiracy. >> it is a very unusual set of circumstance, presumably well
6:35 am
arranged. she was in good healthut living in a backyard for the past 18 years does take its toll. >> reporter: police are trying to reconstruct the last 18 years of her life but that process will be delicate and take time. abducts by a stranger like the one involving jaycee dugard are not the norm but sadly happen more often than you might think. nearly # thousand children are reported missing every day the the majority involve parental abducts or are runway. however, every area, between 3,005,000 cases are nonfamily abductions and most of them are sexual in nature. senator ted condition did i will be buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. -21gulun tesa.a 21-gun salute. military pallbearers representing each branch of the military and a folded flag
6:36 am
presentation. tomorrow's events willened a week of somber remembrances. >> matt ask lapped joins us now from arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: we are learning new information about what will take place here tomorrow. much of it coming from senator kennedy's web site, the one that his staff and family members have put up. we are told that his casket will arrive at andrews air force base right around 3:00. there will be a motorcade that takes him to the u.s. capitol. a prayer service will take place on the senate side f of the capitol and then from there, he will come here to arlington national cemetery. the plan at this point is to bury the late senator in between his brother, in between robert kennedy and the late president kennedy right there in the middle. we also want to tax you up north to boston. here is some of the video taken yesterday. there have been estimates anywhere from 20 to 25,000
6:37 am
people passed by the casket yesterday. that came of a 70-mile procession from his home in cape cod to the john f. kennedy library in boston. i want to bring you out live now. many people getting information. so many people interested in it. this is a twitter page set up by the kennedy family and former staff members at kennedy news. the latest tweet came last night. it said estimated 25,000 people paid their respects to senator kennedy tonight. it also has different information about the funeral service, the burial service. it goes on and on and on. you can get to that. you have to sign up at kennedy news on twitter. can you go to mine which is matt ackland on twitter or another great way to g information is just go to we've got all of it there on- line and we'll update it throughout the day throughout tomorrow as well. so that is the very latest from
6:38 am
arlington national cemetery. back to you. >> thank you. a campus still healing from the worst mass shooting in reese hifnt -- in recent history has yet another tragedy to deal with. two students found dead in the jefferson national forest. police say both appear to have been shot. no word on a motive or any arrests. a united airlines employee who worked in the lost an found department at dulles airport has been charged with grand larceny. 58-year-old maria ramirez rode -- rodriguez is accused of stealing thousands of dollars ever items from passengers. united says it will try to return the customers' belongings. prejudice county school superintendent dr. william hite says students will ermanent sch this comes after a scheduling
6:39 am
mishap affected 8,000 students. a quarter of the county's high schoolers were forced to clam into gyms and auditoriums because they didn't have the schedules. counselors ended up having to do the work by hand. it is not clear when the system will be fixed. coming up next, it is friday and that means we are checking out what is at the movies. >> kevin mccarthy tell us what is worth the price of admission. om> it has been th stompi ground of so-called american royalty. we'll tell you what the future hold for the condition did i compound coming up. for the kennedy compound coming up.
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the kennedy compound will become a museum and educational center. it served ads a summer white house during the yfk presidency and as a home base for the kennedy family. thousands of people are saying their final farewells to senator ted kennedy today. >> the kennedy family is getting ready for tomorrow appear funeral service. let's head live to martin morenz who has more on this. >> reporter: good morning to you. a very emotional and unusual couple of days here in boston. the senator's body lies if repossess at the jfk library across town. 20,000 mourner came by yesterday. about the same amount are expected today. there are plenty of security precautions here at our lady of perpetual help church as president obama is set to deliver the eulogy. three former presidents are expected to attend. presidents carter, clinton and george w. bush. i covered the motorcade through
6:44 am
the downtown and it was an extremely emotional event being at many times eight to 10 people deep on the siwalk and trying to get a lack at the kennedys an the condition did i hearse and casket. you could see the kennedys in there. patrick kennedy was inside the lead car and just a very emotional day not only for the kennedy family but for all of boston. cheers and clapping breaking out for that motorcade when it came by in many areas. so we expect a very emotional mass here on saturday morning as well. >> so was the plan for today. what happens tohes retay, there viewing over at the jfk library and they're expecting another 20,000 people. that mass will be held at 10:30 on saturday morning here and there will be a burial service at arlington national cemetery later in the day at 5:30, a burial service there as well. and the senator is expected to
6:45 am
be buried in between his two brothers. >> all right. thank you. it will be four years tomorrow since hurricane katrina struck the louisiana coast. the storm claimed more than 1600 lives in louisiana and mississippi. the region is still rebuilding. katrina left behind more than $40 billion in property damage. boarded-up homes an overgrown lots still very common sights in new orleans. because of all the rebuilding under way, the economy in the new orleans region isamong the healthiest in the entire country. and finally the tropics started to pick up for us in the last couple of weeks ago. what is going on with danny. >> a very anemic storm. not going to be a katrina repeat here. it will past to the east during the day tomorrow. could bring some surge to the beach areas, storm surge. that will been it. it won't be a big deal. that is real good news. >> for us, we do have the potential for heavy rain around here. not so s ucmelh tat rnno edda
6:46 am
but we've oagt t n area of low pressure off to our south. it is tropical in nature and will bring us some inra he as we get into reheterftn.aheono got rain out rohtigright now but we've got a strong norm pushing east of annapolis rosthe bac, ayrossththe bay robr. br we want to point it out to you because things are starting to quiet down. early this morning, we had several thunderstorms raging. this is the last of them right now. you have the potential for an inch or two of rain in the next hour with these. you can see the lightning associated with that particular cell. let's push on to the maps. we'll show you what isgoing to be taking place tay. we got a potential for some heavy rain today as we got a lot of tropical moisture in place. cloud cover being a lot of humidity out there t feels like rain. the reason why is off to the south and west. look down into the carolinas. wave got a lot of rain down there. that will come moving through as an upper level low starts to push through the area. because we had heavy overnight
6:47 am
rain in spots and because we had the potential ifor strong t hunderstorms this afternoon. the tional weatherer vice haissued a flood watch. a flood watch for the area as haw get into the afternoon. that flood watch goes into effect at 2:00 this afternoon and will continue out there and right through this evening. that includes the district, baltimore, annapolis, leesburg, frederick, you are under that floodwatch. the potential is we could see one, two, maybe three inches of run as we get into the afternoon. pushing on, my maps aren't moving. what is going to happen is as we get into the day tomorrow, we'll have a frontal system approaching. so saturday is not going to look great. now, as we get into sunday, things start to look a little better. 76 at reagan national. i need tony. 72 in dulles and fredericksburg. let's push on and i'll show you the maps here as we get into the afternoon and evening hours and you will be able it see we'll move onto tropical storm
6:48 am
danny. maximum winds, 40 miles per hour moving off to the north and west at about 10 miles per hour. have tropical storm watches issued for the outer banks of the carolinas. it does not appear impressive. center of circulation is to the west of the actual convective build-up. it will be a storm that we con on watch here. you'll be back in a couple of minutes. let's get to julie wright with the latest on the on-time traffic. >> busy ride as we speak. we have a lot going on. westbound i-70 as you approach the exit at braddock heights, big backups there at mile marker 47, bed a crash involving a tanker truck with a ruptured saddle tank. they have to off-load the contents of that truck before they can get it out of the way. 40s the alternate. that is westbound i-70 shut down west of braddock heights. traveling south along 270, lanes are open continuing to
6:49 am
the exits in clarksburg. georgia avenue still shut down in each intersection of brookville road for an accident. wires down across the highway. it is a combination of brightendam road and boardly working for you as at alternate. inbound four, woodyard road, stalled car in the right lane. we have another stalled car at the anacostia. heads up coming off of 50 trying to work war way into northeast washington n virginia, a busy commute. northbound 95 slowing in wood brim and springfield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. whether you want a scary movie or madeleine albright a funny one, there is probably something you willlike at the box office. joining us now with more is kevin mccarthy with movie reviews. >> i love the green shirt. >> he gave my a big thumbs up a
6:50 am
few minutes ago. we have a lot of movies coming out. >> halloween 2 opened up cold. they didn't screen it to the critics. had to go see it at midnight. here is my ticket stubs. this is the follow-up to the 2007 film. you got -- when you make a big film being like that, that is a big thing to it as a director. i thought he did a great job with the first one. that is the first movie i ever reviewed on fox. so this is kind of cool to review the second one. it takes place right after the first one ended and lawyery strode is now realizing that she is his sister. the film takes place beginning in a this is and the rest of the film goes throughout and she he is trying to teal with the fact that her brother is a mass murderer. you will realize that you will make sure your brother is the most important thing in your life as opposed to having a
6:51 am
mass murderer like mike myers. mike myers is a very brutal kill enter this film. at som point, it gets a little bit too vient. >> was it a little gratuitous? >> it is very much. he if you've seen his movies, you can get the sense he is a very relentless director. it is a 3 1/2 out of a five. my scale is a entertainment base. >> this is one i will for the be going to see. >> very violent. now, taking wood strong, that is something i think i might enjoy. >> ang lee is a very good director. and everything he does is always different. brokeback mountain, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, the hulk and now. this a like a director that take on a different type of film each time. this is a great true story
6:52 am
about a kid working at a motel with his parents and he find out this concert woodstock is coming to a place nosh but their permit gets messed up. he goes why don't you bring it here. they didn't realize that 500,000 people would show up. movie is very character driven. starts off slow but the character development is unbelievable. >> good music? >> great music. he tacks you on one scene which is like a huge acid trip. it is so colorful and everybody in the scene. you will say sos car. nation for some of the performances in this move way. i guarantee you will find something special in it. even if you weren't at woodstock, can you find something special. >> this next one sounds good. i love andy griffith. >> i love him too. but this movie takes some pretty interesting turns. you get to see andy griffith fining his sexual side.
6:53 am
the film stars andy griffith and you have liz sheridan and doris roberts. it is essentially -- remember that movie, he is just not too you. it is about playing the game but they are playing it the a retirement home. andy grief ightd is playing a game with tryg o pick up older women. andy griffith keeps this movie alive. there is a scene where he is at a bar trying to pick up women and it is a really funny movie. there are some decent twists in the film. it is cliche but it is funny. i gave it a 3 1/2 out of five. catch the matinee/rental. can you still check out inglourious basterds and district nine this weekend. >> the final destination. >> this is the fourth final destination film. this opened up cold. this did not screen to the critics. it is about a guy would has a premonition by b. a mass murder and he leaves the scene before it happens.
6:54 am
i interviewed the lead star and he said they tried out james cameron's new lens to shoot this movie in 3-did. it's camera that is two camera into one lens. >> and all of your interviews, we've put them on our web site. >> i interviewed the director of halloween 2 and the tractor of play the game and the jumpies on 106.7 the fan will be interviewing rob zombie this morning. the university of maryland conducting clinical trials of swine flu vaccine on children. this particular vaccine is called a killed virus. researchs are say it will not make children sick. they are still looking for children three years old an younger for vaccine tryouts. go to for more information. how would you like to put this on your resume, master of the chain saw. you can see one in action this weekend at the maryland state fair. holly has a prerow coming up
6:55 am
next hour. as we go to break, congratulation to the fox 5 high school game of the week. the first one for the year. it is bishop o'connell versus woodrow wilson. that means we'll be live on the field tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00.
6:56 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and i know the weather isn't that great today but we're not letting it stop us from celebrating a friday at the
6:59 am
fair. it's a big one today as we're live at the maryland state fair. this fair covers 100 acres and starts today. it lasts for 11 days. sometimes it's referred to as the best 11 days of summer. so what we're going to do today is give you a little preview of some of the things you can come out and see. maybe some more unique things you can come out and see like master of the chainsaw. you don't believe they exist? there is marty already getting warmed up here. he uses the chainsaw and these logs and creates wonderful works of art. we'll see him in action later. i think he's trying to figure out how long it will take for the logs to dry out. we're also going to check out the rodeo announcer. they have a professional rodey and we'll talk about that and give you all of the information that you need to have family fair time fun. i think this might be our big fair time finish. >> i was going to y

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